Is The Gold Community A Cult?

I recently was involved in a discussion centered around the gold community and their constant talk of manipulation and price suppression. There are some of us in the gold community who understand gold’s place in a diversified portfolio (insurance), have been recommending dollar cost averaging into a position for their clients rather than “all in” like most others who fear …

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Remember When A Silver Dime Bought You Two Candy Bars? Why You Need To Buy 90% Silver Bags and American Silver Eagles At Just 1% Over Cost Today

I remember as a kid buying candy bars for a nickel. When they raised the price to a dime, I said I would never buy a candy bar again. Of course that promise to myself didn’t last long, but today, a candy bar costs 20 times as much as it did in 1964 when a silver dime could buy you …

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Pop Goes The Gold Bubble?

I always get a kick out of these articles that young writers put out when they try and tackle a subject such as gold and claim it’s in a “bubble.” To date, I have not seen one of them address the banking system mess our country is in (as well as the banks of Europe and soon most everywhere else). …

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Inflation/Deflation And Gold

From time to time I will participate in the conversation on various blogs when I see someone who I know has some intelligence write something about gold‘s price history that might influence people not to invest in the precious metal, when there are a multitude of reasons to invest in gold. One of the typical objections that people will throw out …

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The Lender of Last Resort Isn’t the Fed or ECB, It’s YOU!

Banks always are bailed out by the government or the Fed and in Europe’s case, the equivalent of the Fed, the European Central Bank (ECB). The ECB is who is keeping Portugal’s banks afloat. But it’s also the IMF who likes to stick their greedy fingers into the pie, just as they have in many other countries, like Jamaica for …

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If Inflation Is So Rampant, Why Have Treasuries and Gold Both Been So Strong?

As many of you who read my articles know, I call things like I see them. If this means going against the norm sometimes, so be it. What I see from your typical gold bulls is the same inflation mantra and the shouts to “buy gold because of all the inflation,” with inflation defined as an increase in the money …

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