Buying Gold and Silver

If you are ready to acquire gold or silver now, call 1-888-604-6534 and to speak to a precious metals representative. We are standing by to answer all your questions.

Placing an order – We can take orders over the phone or through our online store. Please call 888-604-6534 to speak to a precious metals representative. You can check out our gold and silver product prices by clicking “Today’s Prices” in the toolbar menu above or by clicking here.

Your Buy Gold and Silver Safely precious metals specialist will assist you in buying gold and silver and recommending the types of gold and silver bullion bars and coins one should own. Once you have determined the coins or bars you wish to purchase, the trade can be placed via our trading desk. Once the trade is processed, you will receive an email with the Trade Confirmation and details of your order as well as funding instructions.

Once the trade is made, it’s like buying a stock and there can be no cancellation, only liquidation as the metals are in fact bought for you when the trade is made and would have to be sold again back to the supplier if you were to want to liquidate. The amount you receive on a canceled trade is the bid price (buy back price from the supplier at current spot price at time of liquidation) which can be significantly less than your purchase price.

NOTE: We are one of the only companies in America that does NOT sell Numismatic/Rare/Semi-Rare/European/Collectible/Proof coins because it is our Founder’s philosophy that they make zero sense for one’s portfolio. We only sell bullion coins and bars at 1% over our cost and guarantee the lowest prices in the country.

Paying for the Order

Full payment must be made within 48 hours of any trades by bank wire transfer, checks must be received within 10 days. We extend the courtesy to you to make a trade without any funds up front. It is at our discretion that we do so. Payment can be made by personal check with prior company approval. We do not accept cash. Metals will not be shipped until the check has cleared. Checks usually only take 7 business days  to clear however checks from Credit Unions can take a few days longer to clear.

Bank Wire Transfer and Check Instructions

Instructions for sending payment for any trades by bank wire transfer will be sent via email along with your Trade Confirmation . Depending on your bank and location, it can take 1 to 4 hours until we receive the funds. If funds are sent in the afternoon, they may not arrive until the following morning. If sending a check, instructions will be given as to the address to send the funds to cover the trade.

Gold and Silver IRA and IRA Rollover – call for details on how to buy gold and silver with your IRA @ 888-604-6534. We do not recommend Proof coins for your IRA’s as other gold dealers like to sell them and make higher commissions.

Shipping and misc.

Shipping is free of charge for orders of $1,500 or more, our minimum. Gold and Silver coins and bars are shipped UPS 2nd day or ground rate fully insured. Once the funds are in-house via wire) trades will spend about 3-4 business days in operations before being shipped. Checks we will hold 10 business days before processing. All shipments of metals are covered under the insurance provided by the delivery carrier as all packages are sent anonymously and insured 100% for value until signed for.

Selling Gold and Silver

When it comes time to selling the coins or bars you buy from us, or for those interested in selling gold and silver coins and bars looking for the best buyback price, we buy all bullion coins and bars at the best prices in the nation usually above spot price and guaranteed to be highest.

If You are Confused at All on Purchasing Gold and Silver – Start with reading the book Buy Gold and Silver Safely

Buy Gold and Silver Safely Everything You Need to Know about Buying and Selling Gold and Silver.

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