Is Gold Ready To Break $1,300? How About $1,400?

I had been writing in the last couple weeks that we would be turning the corner higher in metals after the Fed and for this week we did move higher in metals and miners. This should continue but there are still some bumps in the rode unless we get gold over 1260 and silver over 16.80 and preferably 17. We …

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Gold Miners Decline Came As Called – Will Gold Continue To Decline After Breaking $1,300?

Summary GDX was 29.94 when I said gold miners decline coming. It’s 24 now, a 19.8426.61% decline. JNUG was 26.61 and is now, a 53.44% decline. Dollar is still the key for gold and the Pound hit a 31 year low and Yen a 2 week low. What about the Euro? Dollar cost average into your allocation takes away the …

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