With the price of gold and silver moving higher and higher, many people are considering investing in precious metals. But where do you go for honest information to learn about buying gold and silver?

For starters, you can read the book, “Buy Gold and Silver Safely”¬†which teaches investors what kind of gold and silver to buy, while at the same time exposes the gold dealers who try and charge you 15% – 30% and more for coins that you shouldn’t be buying.

How Did You First Hear About Gold and Silver?

More than likely your first experience in learning about gold and silver is after listening to an advertisement from a radio or TV show, or possibly clicking on an ad from a Google search.

If you found your way to a gold dealer from an advertisement on radio or television, then chances are the gold dealer you called will have a sales force trained and ready to sell you high priced rare, numismatic or collectible coins that have no place in your portfolio.

To learn more about these gold and silver scams, as well as how gold dealers may deceive you, download this free report titled, “8 Ways Gold Dealers Rip You Off.”¬†

If you want to really know how much these gold dealers rip you off, simply compare their prices to our prices for the products we sell. If they try and sell you any other type of coin, they are ripping you off. We don’t sell the numismatic, rare, collectible, semi-rare, European coins because of this. We want you to profit, and we’ll take our small percentage of 1% or less.

One other trick is to ask the dealer if I bought the coin you suggest I buy today at today’s spot price for gold or silver, and sold it back to you immediately for the same spot price, what would you give me for it? Watch them squirm or say something vague like “we buy back everything we sell at just a 1% commission.” Yes, it’s 1% of a 15% to 30% less that what you paid for it!

To fully understand buying gold and silver I suggest you read the book;

Buy Gold and Silver Safely Everything You Need to Know about Buying and Selling Gold and Silver.