Deflation Meet Inflation – But Not Quite Yet For Gold and Silver

Is it just me, but can anyone envision the eventuality of a deflationary crash and the unwinding of much of the credit built up over the last several decades? Basically since Reagan? My last article was a bullish one for the stock market and it has gone up ever since, continually hitting record highs. While gold went up also, it …

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Fed Interest Rate Decision Should Give Gold A Continued Pop

With the Fed coming out today giving the markets and gold holders what they want to hear, a .25 decrease in rates, we should see a continuation of gold moving higher for a bit. Maybe a week or so. Markets should follow the Fed’s lead higher too, even tough all this news should be priced into the current market. We’ll …

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Exclusive Interview of Doug Eberhardt on Strategic Investor Radio

Recently I was interviewed by Charley Wright from Strategic Investor Radio. Charley is a Fee-Only Investment Advisor for Partnervest Advisory Services LLC in Orange County California. In this interview you’ll get my take on the precious metals market  and my future expectations are for the economy. You’ll hear where I think gold and silver prices are headed and what I think …

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Is This the Bottom for Gold and Silver?

AUTHOR’s NOTE: I have decided to no longer write for Seeking Alpha because of their lack of professionalism and control of content that goes against what I believe in and have written about in my book, Buy Gold and Silver Safely. They have been forcing authors to include paper stocks, ETF’s or Mutual Funds as alternatives to physical precious metals …

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Stock Market Bubble and QE3 Surprise

Bernanke is getting his wishes without doing anything. The stock market is in la la land, moving higher today on false consumer confidence hopes based on a Democratic Convention push that has caused consumers to believe the political rhetoric coming from the convention will magically turn this economy around. Richard Russell has called this market action “crazy,” which leads me …

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What the Data Really Tells Us and How It Will Affect Gold and Stocks

The U.S. economy is on the cusp of something big. The questions on everyone’s mind are as follows; 1. Who will be our next President and how will that affect the stock market? 2. Will gold and silver be viewed as a safe haven or fall in price like they did in 2008 if the recession deepens? 3. Will the Fed …

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Is Gerald Celente Right About the "Crash of 2010?"

My point in critiquing Celente is on the timing of his “crash” prediction, not on whether or not there will be a crash. He will probably take credit for predicting the crash no matter when it occurs, but the reality of it happening in 2010 is a mystery to me, barring any external influences (like WWIII).

I also take issue with his simplistic concept of bringing production (manufacturing) back home” and his “slave labor” comment which I’ll address first.

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The Banking Crisis is Far From Over

“Failed banks are weighing on FDIC” is the headline in tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal. Banks are being taken over at an alarming rate thus far in 2009. Banks aren’t lending so it is difficult for them to make a profit while at the same time they are trying to resolve their past lending decisions. Individuals are finding it difficult to secure loans with the more stringent FICO requirements. Increasing unemployment is making it difficult for many more to maintain their home ownership. As people who are now or soon to owe more than their house is worth decide to bail on home ownership, the bank will be left holding an unwanted, depreciating asset. This is occurring all at a time when banks may be forced to mark to market their assets, showing their real estate holdings value based on today’s depressed prices thus revealing balance sheets that are becoming ever more weaker.

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