Buy Gold and Silver Safely is a broker/dealer specializing in the sale of physical gold and silver bullion coins and bars at 1% above wholesale cost, guaranteed to be the lowest in the nation.

Many gold dealers take advantage of the ignorance that many Americans have when it comes to buying precious metals. This is because we Americans were never taught anything about gold and silver in our education system. Even the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) investment books financial advisors read on investing in preparation for the CFP Certification were negative on gold. But it is the entire financial media that has been ignorant of how gold needs to be part of a diversified portfolio.

Media Biased Against Gold and the Truth about Gold

With a declining dollar, the United States being the world’s largest debtor nation, larger budget deficits, quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve, out of control congressional spending that keeps raising the national debt, now over $17.6 trillion, a nation that cannot afford the government it employs, 200 trillion due for a Medicare/Health and Social Security system destined to failure, why do the media and others paint gold as the enemy? The price of gold and silver moving higher represents the truth about our nation’s financial and economic climate.

The goal of Buy Gold and Silver Safely is to help explain to people much of what they aren’t being told by investment professionals and the financial media so they can profit as well as maintain their wealth and purchasing power through diversifying into physical gold and silver. We sell gold and silver at just 1% over our cost; guaranteed the lowest prices in the nation.

The prices of gold and silver today will be looked back upon as the “opportunity of a lifetime.” But remember, gold and silver are insurance against Congressional spending that sees no end, Federal Reserve printing that sees no end and banking problems that always surface. You insure your home, car and health hoping to never use it, but what about your U.S. dollar based portfolio? What insurance do you have against its purchasing power? Gold and silver are the insurance needed to maintain you wealth.

If you don’t own physical gold and silver, you need to acquire some. Buy Gold and Silver Safely is the best place to buy offering the lowest prices in the nation.

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