Remember When A Silver Dime Bought You Two Candy Bars? Why You Need To Buy 90% Silver Bags and American Silver Eagles At Just 1% Over Cost Today

I remember as a kid buying candy bars for a nickel. When they raised the price to a dime, I said I would never buy a candy bar again. Of course that promise to myself didn’t last long, but today, a candy bar costs 20 times as much as it did in 1964 when a silver dime could buy you …

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On and On – The Fed Keeps On Failing

Whether it’s Bernanke and Geithner, today or Greenspan and Snow of years  past, the Fed will always do what they do best, interfere in the markets. But how effective are they? Author’s Note: Seeking Alpha, a financial website, did not allow this article to be posted on their site. They claim they are not biased against gold, but their editors …

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Physical Gold or Silver – Which Metal Is A Better Investment Today?

Recently I was quoted in an article for Fox Business called; The Lowdown on Buying and Selling Silver. In this article I was quoted as recommending a 75% allocation to physical gold and a 25% allocation to physical silver for investors who are looking to insure their U.S. dollar risk of their porfolios. This diversification I first recommended when I wrote my book …

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Fox Business Quoted Me in Article – The Lowdown on Buying and Selling Silver

Fox Business writer Michael Estrin wrote an article yesterday for the Personal Finance section, The Lowdown on Buying and Selling Silver, in which he quoted me saying how silver, like gold, is known as money and can be used as a hedge against economic uncertainty. Below is the section I was quoted (at the end of the article). An Invaluable Hedge While many …

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Pop Goes The Gold Bubble?

I always get a kick out of these articles that young writers put out when they try and tackle a subject such as gold and claim it’s in a “bubble.” To date, I have not seen one of them address the banking system mess our country is in (as well as the banks of Europe and soon most everywhere else). …

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Only Precious Metals Can Prepare You For The Banking Crisis

What the heck is going on these days with the banks? More and more issues are arising with our nations banks causing concern for the investing public. On August 17, 2009 I wrote an article entitled The Banking Crisis is Far From Over. I wanted to make people aware of what was really going on in the banking industry as …

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New Website Coming Soon – Prices Still 1% Above Wholesale

The Buy Gold and Silver Safely website has been going through a major overhaul. The new website will be more user friendly and contain more useful information in helping gold and silver investors. I will tell you this from an investment perspective. NO ONE is selling their gold or silver. The sales of gold and silver are noticeably larger these …

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Gold and Silver Still A Safe Haven But Poised For A Fall?

It’s been difficult to see a trend of late for gold and silver, despite the last few days of strength with the recent downgrade of Portugal debt and continued issues with Greece. We’ve seen gold and silver move up and down since its highs earlier this year, but the short term trend is still down with gold falling about 1% …

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Outline Of The Book “Buy Gold And Silver Safely”

For those of you who haven’t yet purchased the book, “Buy Gold And Silver Safely,” I thought it would be helpful to see what the actual outline for the book contains. I started the book out with the major reasons to own gold and silver. They stem from a critique of the financial services industry I was a part of …

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