Remember When A Silver Dime Bought You Two Candy Bars? Why You Need To Buy 90% Silver Bags and American Silver Eagles At Just 1% Over Cost Today

I remember as a kid buying candy bars for a nickel. When they raised the price to a dime, I said I would never buy a candy bar again. Of course that promise to myself didn’t last long, but today, a candy bar costs 20 times as much as it did in 1964 when a silver dime could buy you …

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Peter Schiff’s One Week Sale Versus Our Everyday Low Price On Gold

While writing my next article on the Euro and European bank mess, I received a solicitation email from a friendly competitor of mine, Peter Schiff (see ad below). In this email Peter was offering 1/2 ounce gold American Eagle coins at just a 5.75% premium over spot. I wanted to see where his pricing was compared to ours and it …

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Physical Gold or Silver – Which Metal Is A Better Investment Today?

Recently I was quoted in an article for Fox Business called; The Lowdown on Buying and Selling Silver. In this article I was quoted as recommending a 75% allocation to physical gold and a 25% allocation to physical silver for investors who are looking to insure their U.S. dollar risk of their porfolios. This diversification I first recommended when I wrote my book …

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Buy American Eagle 1 Ounce Silver Coins Or 90% Junk Silver Bags?

Many people want to buy the 1 ounce American Eagle Silver bullion coins, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out why they want to pay such a high premium for owning them.

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