How Gold Dealers Ripoff Clients

Most gold dealers advertise on television or radio with spots on popular conservative shows like Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck. Gold dealers are in fact some of the biggest advertisers for Fox Television which begs the question, how can they afford so many commercials each night as high as $20,000? The simple answer is, they push numismatic, rare, collectible …

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Silver Eagle And Junk Bag Shortages Show Underlying Strength Of Silver Market Demand

The price of silver has been steadily falling since April of 2011. Yet the U.S. Mint is having trouble keeping up with demand for One Ounce American Silver Eagles, as gold dealers tell their customers they will have to wait a week to a week and a half for delivery, and junk bags of the 90% silver coins (the silver …

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4 Ways Gold Dealers Rip You Off – Bait and switch tactics gold dealers use

4 Ways Gold Dealers Rip You Off Bait and switch tactics gold dealers use San Diego, Nov. 4, 2011/Buy Gold and Silver Safely/- Countless investors are paying 30% or more in commissions when gold dealers bait and switch them from buying bullion gold to buying rare or semi-numismatic coins. In today‚Äôs tough economic times, you really have to be careful …

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Are Gold Dealers Still Lying To Their Customers To Make A Higher Commission? – Don’t Ask Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity

It has been a year now since Congress was investigating certain gold dealers as to the tactics they use in convincing gold and silver investors to purchase certain types of coins that allow the gold dealer to charge 30% or more on the transaction. This would mean the investor would have to earn 40% on their purchase just to break …

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Buy American Eagle 1 Ounce Silver Coins Or 90% Junk Silver Bags?

Many people want to buy the 1 ounce American Eagle Silver bullion coins, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out why they want to pay such a high premium for owning them.

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Don’t Buy European Gold or Rare Coins – Gold Dealer Ripoff And Media Bias Exposed

How do you know if you are getting ripped off from your gold dealer?

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Call To Sell Gold and Silver Mining Stocks Was Timely

Traders need to take profit. Holders of physical gold and silver, don’t care what happens in the short term because they have peace of mind their portfolios are insured. Our government will take care of the long term.

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