What Is The Better Investment, Silver Or Gold?

Summary Silver will double in price before gold doubles in price. When silver doubles, sell half and buy free gold. If you have a loss in physical silver or gold, sell it and lock in that loss and you can buy it back immediately. We are getting closer and closer to the bottom in gold and silver and many are …

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Join ETF Leveraged Daily Trading Service and invest alongside Doug Eberhardt

Join ETF Leveraged Daily Trading Service and invest alongside Doug Eberhardt For those that are not aware, I have started a trading room that will be following 46 leveraged ETFs with daily buy & stop alerts 5 days a week. 10¬†of the 46 ETFs analyzed are related to the precious metals market and include GLD, SLV, GDX (not leveraged but …

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April Call To Wait And Buy Gold Below $1,000 Still In Effect

Summary The Dollar has been rising since 2011 yet every “expert” in gold still calls for a dollar crash. Despite a possible bounce in gold at present, gold will still break below $1,000 as we complete the deflationary credit contraction phase. Fear; still the missing ingredient. Where will it come from? For gold to move higher this fear must come …

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Hey Gold Bugs! The Dollar Still Matters!

Many readers may not know I write articles for SeekingAlpha.com now and then. Presently I am ranked #10 for the Gold and Precious Metals Category. This really isn’t a bad ranking, considering I have only written 5 articles on the site the last 3 months. There really is no need to write articles about gold and silver every day, like …

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Pop Goes The Gold Bubble?

I always get a kick out of these articles that young writers put out when they try and tackle a subject such as gold and claim it’s in a “bubble.” To date, I have not seen one of them address the banking system mess our country is in (as well as the banks of Europe and soon most everywhere else). …

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Inflation/Deflation And Gold

From time to time I will participate in the conversation¬†on various blogs when I see someone who I know has some intelligence write something about gold’s price history that might influence people not to invest in the precious metal, when there are a multitude of reasons to invest in gold. One of the typical objections that people will throw out …

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Buying The Dip In Silver and More Conversations With CFA’s And Bubble Forecasters

Is silver a bubble? Or did we just experience a blow-off top from the highs a few weeks ago? This article is derived from a conversation I had recently in replying to an article on the financial website Seeking Alpha written by CFA, Michael A. Gayed called Silver: From First to Worst. I always enjoy my conversations with Michael as …

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