Banks and Insurance Companies Face Troubling Times Ahead – Not Just U.S. Treasury

While Europeans leave the Euro and Euro bonds in droves for the safety and serenity of U.S. Treasuries, forcing the interest rates here in the U.S. on the 10 year to near record lows, currently at 1.45%, many, including myself, talk about the coming Treasury bubble once interest rates reverse course. But it’s not just the U.S. Treasury that is …

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The Gold Price Is Doing Better Than You Think

I begin today’s analysis on the gold markets with a chart that I created trying to connect what I believe to be the important issues facing the price of gold the last 32 years. Anyone who tries to predict the future price of gold needs to understand that all of these issues are all related. From analyzing this chart, you …

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Is This The Bottom For Gold And Silver Prices?

While we are taking the brunt of the bad European news now, and gold and silver prices are taking a beating, the good news will be coming at some point between now and November as we gear up for the coming election. As long as the stock market continues to falter, Obama will indeed play the QE3 card. Since the …

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Inflation/Deflation And Gold

From time to time I will participate in the conversationĀ on various blogs when I see someone who I know has some intelligence write something about gold‘s price history that might influence people not to invest in the precious metal, when there are a multitude of reasons to invest in gold. One of the typical objections that people will throw out …

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4 Reasons There Will Be Future QE And A Higher Price For Gold and Silver

There has been talk of late that the Fed could put end to quantitative easing (QE) early. This article will address the probability of future QE and list four problem areas where the Fed may have to return to their hat and see just how many quantitative easing rabbit’s are left in it that can fool the investing public into …

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Current Thoughts On Gold and Silver Prices and Kiplinger’s Seven Ways Not To Buy Gold

  There was a recent article on buying gold that Free Money Finance brought my attention to recently. I suggest you take a look at it. It was from Kiplinger and called; “Seven Ways Not To Buy Gold.” I agree with all seven reasons. It’s as if the author from Kiplinger read my book, “Buy Gold and Silver Safely” as …

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Many Financial Advisors Still Ignorant of Gold’s Place In A Diversified Portfolio Part 1

What the financial services industry did was take the stable asset of gold and tried to replace it with the U.S. dollar. The financial advisors were led to believe that the U.S. dollar is a “risk free” asset, when throughout history, only gold has never gone to zero in value.

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What Happened To Gerald Celente’s Crash Of 2010 Prediction?

Celente will eventually get his crash, but I don’t think it will occur until people wake up to the problems our biggest banks are having.

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