The Gold Price Is Doing Better Than You Think

I begin today’s analysis on the gold markets with a chart that I created trying to connect what I believe to be the important issues facing the price of gold the last 32 years. Anyone who tries to predict the future price of gold needs to understand that all of these issues are all related. From analyzing this chart, you …

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Will The 40 Year Pattern Of Lower Gold Prices In August Hold True?

[hs_action id=”3681″] The bickering by Congress over the U.S. debt ceiling has caused the price of gold and silver to bounce a little higher for the month of July. I had expected Congress to come to a conclusion and a return to normalcy, and the bickering between both sides has only caused consumers to lose faith in their efforts and …

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Why The Price Of Gold Could Move Lower Short Term

It goes against all conventional wisdom for a gold dealer to caution investors on the price of gold and silver moving lower. There are literally trillions of reasons why the price of gold and silver will move higher in the years to come, including a multitude of unsustainable future government obligations. But from a short term perspective I have seen …

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What Will Gold Do Next? 2011 Predictions

Why will the future price of gold and silver move higher? Because a nation cannot build a sustainable recovery on a foundation of debt.

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