Banks and Insurance Companies Face Troubling Times Ahead – Not Just U.S. Treasury

While Europeans leave the Euro and Euro bonds in droves for the safety and serenity of U.S. Treasuries, forcing the interest rates here in the U.S. on the 10 year to near record lows, currently at 1.45%, many, including myself, talk about the coming Treasury bubble once interest rates reverse course. But it’s not just the U.S. Treasury that is …

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Is This The Bottom For Gold And Silver Prices?

While we are taking the brunt of the bad European news now, and gold and silver prices are taking a beating, the good news will be coming at some point between now and November as we gear up for the coming election. As long as the stock market continues to falter, Obama will indeed play the QE3 card. Since the …

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The Banking Crisis Is Far From Over Revisited – FDIC Troubles and Bank Shenanigans

While we’re seeing foreclosures occurring today at a higher rate, banks are doing something today that doesn’t seem to be getting much attention. People have stopped paying their mortgages and the banks aren’t foreclosing on many of them.

Why Aren’t Banks Foreclosing on People Who Aren’t Paying Their Mortgages?

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