Just Returned From Sustainability Conference In Michigan; My Synopsis and Articles Coming Soon

I just returned from the 2010 Conference on Sustainability in Michigan. I had taken some time off from writing while moving my office to a different place in San Diego and decided to utilize this time to attend a conference where two attendees I had quoted in my book were appearing.

Nicole Foss (Canada) from and Steve Keen (Australia) from were the keynote speakers in Michigan, among many others who are on the deflationary credit contraction side of the coin versus the inflation hawks such as Peter Schiff, Gary North and many others quoted at

The one area that many of Austrian economists don’t seem to address in their rebuttals to the deflation hawks is “credit.” They simply don’t view credit as money and thus don’t consider it in their analysis of money supply. But there are some Austrian economists that do, such as Professor Geroge Reissman and Steve Keen.

It is this excess credit that is dwarfing any quantitative easing that the Fed has and currently is putting into the coffers of the banks (not the economy). Unfortunately, their is no stimulus coming from this action.

It Is the Banks I Watch the Closest

It’s all about the banks to me. The Fed cannot afford to have the banks implode. Without the Fed’s help, the banks would implode as I have outlined in Chapter 4 of my book, “Buy Gold and Silver Safely.” This is why you hold gold and silver, as insurance against what is to come.

I will be expanding on the above in the days to come, hopefully with the first article later today or tomorrow. Lots of data to sift through. The conference had me going from 7am to 9pm or 10pm in the evening. There really weren’t many positive sentiments coming from the speakers.

As an optimist about how people invest and maintain and/or grow their wealth, there are answers. Gold and silver are part of the solution, and an understanding of what is really going on allows one to possibly profit in other areas as well. I will reveal my thoughts on this in the next few days.

The current pull back in the price of gold and silver is healthy for the precious metals market. It also allows me to get the word out more and to allow investors to buy at lower costs. Unfortunately, the government (congress), Fed and the frailty of the banking system will take care of the future, which won’t bode well for those who are unprepared.

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