Bernanke and the Fed Will Do Anything to Save the Banks Under the Guise of Reducing Unemployment

In 2010 I openly challenged Gerald Celente’s call for the “Crash of 2010.” When I revisited this crash non-event at the end of 2010, I predicted that 2011 would be a good year for stocks. It was as U.S. stocks out-shined the world as being one of the only markets higher that year with the DOW moving 5.5% higher as …

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Stock Market Bubble and QE3 Surprise

Bernanke is getting his wishes without doing anything. The stock market is in la la land, moving higher today on false consumer confidence hopes based on a Democratic Convention push that has caused consumers to believe the political rhetoric coming from the convention will magically turn this economy around. Richard Russell has called this market action “crazy,” which leads me …

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The Fed Takes Bronze in the Gold and Silver QE3 Race

I will go out on a limb, as I always do, and predict something most won’t expect to come tomorrow’s Federal Reserve decision on whether to implement QE3 or not. I don’t think they will. My reasoning is based more on credibility than it is on anything else. The Fed has to maintain the perception that they are in control. …

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Is This The Bottom For Gold And Silver Prices?

While we are taking the brunt of the bad European news now, and gold and silver prices are taking a beating, the good news will be coming at some point between now and November as we gear up for the coming election. As long as the stock market continues to falter, Obama will indeed play the QE3 card. Since the …

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What’s Going On With Gold? – Where To From Here

Back in September 2010 I went out on a limb and called a top for those who trade gold and silver mining shares. My goal at the time was to have them consider taking their profits in paper gold and convert to the physical metal for delivery, what we specialize in here at Buy Gold and Silver Safely. At the …

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