Doug Eberhardt Interview for His Book Illusions of Wealth WBEL/Big Radio

I was interviewed on WBEL/Big Radio by host Ted Ehlen this week and I think you’ll find his questions and my answers to be helpful with your overall investing. You’ll find the interview mp3 here; For those who are not aware, I wrote a book called Illusions of Wealth to follow my first book Buy Gold and Silver Safely. I also …

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How Long Can this Gold Rally Last? + ETF Trading Service 2 Week Free Trial

Latest Interview for Think Advisor Magazine Published 8/15/2016 My comments were included in an article for a ThinkAdvisor article today called “How Long Can this Gold Rally Last?” I think you’ll find it a well written article on where we stand now. Doug Eberhardt Upcoming Radio Interview Tuesday 8/16/2016 – Mike Schikman Show 3:37pm EST WSVA 550AM or 92.1 FM …

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What Is The Better Investment, Silver Or Gold?

Summary Silver will double in price before gold doubles in price. When silver doubles, sell half and buy free gold. If you have a loss in physical silver or gold, sell it and lock in that loss and you can buy it back immediately. We are getting closer and closer to the bottom in gold and silver and many are …

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Exclusive Interview of Doug Eberhardt on Strategic Investor Radio

Recently I was interviewed by Charley Wright from Strategic Investor Radio. Charley is a Fee-Only Investment Advisor for Partnervest Advisory Services LLC in Orange County California. In this interview you’ll get my take on the precious metals market  and my future expectations are for the economy. You’ll hear where I think gold and silver prices are headed and what I think …

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