What’s Going On With Gold and the Stock Market?

Many of you know I started an ETF Trading Service where we profit in up and down markets. But the nightly report I keep improving upon in following the trends and I and those who have subscribed, couldn’t be happier with the results. I keep fine tuning the Trading Rules to protect us from the downside and take advantage of …

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How Long Can this Gold Rally Last? + ETF Trading Service 2 Week Free Trial

Latest Interview for Think Advisor Magazine Published 8/15/2016 My comments were included in an article for a ThinkAdvisor article today called “How Long Can this Gold Rally Last?” I think you’ll find it a well written article on where we stand now. Doug Eberhardt Upcoming Radio Interview Tuesday 8/16/2016 – Mike Schikman Show 3:37pm EST WSVA 550AM or 92.1 FM …

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Up 16% Last 2 Weeks – Announcing 2 Week Free Trial for ETF Research Analysis

The ETF Research Analysis is up 16% the last 2 weeks. We have calculated for those new to the ETF Research Analysis what the buy signals and sell signals have been the last 2 weeks and we are up 16% as of the close of business today with 12 winning trades and 2 losing trades. Meanwhile the DOW is down …

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