Is Gold Ready for a Move Over $1,400?

ANNOUNCEMENT; The updated for 2018 version of Buy Gold and Silver Safely is available on Amazon.com. In it I provide an updated view on the economy and where we are headed, along with fresh data and analysis on the gold market. I think you’ll appreciate it and get a better understanding of why and how gold fits into a diversified …

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The Book Buy Gold and Silver Safely 2018 Revision – Is Now Available On Amazon!

We are proud to announce the 2018 update for the book Buy Gold and Silver Safely and it is now available for purchase here. In this book I update where we are now with the economy, our debt situation as a country and its impact on the dollar, as well as expose new ways gold dealers rip-off their clients. But …

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How Long Can this Gold Rally Last? + ETF Trading Service 2 Week Free Trial

Latest Interview for Think Advisor Magazine Published 8/15/2016 My comments were included in an article for a ThinkAdvisor article today called “How Long Can this Gold Rally Last?” I think you’ll find it a well written article on where we stand now. Doug Eberhardt Upcoming Radio Interview Tuesday 8/16/2016 – Mike Schikman Show 3:37pm EST WSVA 550AM or 92.1 FM …

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Illusions Of Wealth Book Now Available #1 In Wealth Management Category

It’s official, my Illusions of Wealth book is finished and out to the public and so far it is doing quite well and the early feedback I have received is refreshing to hear. The link to purchase the book is here: http://bit.ly/Illusionswealth I will be adding the Kindle, iBook, Nook and other eReader option soon. If you want to be …

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