Why Dollar Crash Gold Bugs Have Been Wrong

We have all the signs of a temporary bottom forming in gold right now, and this includes gold mining stocks. My data is pointing this way and we should find out soon. I think we have a decent bounce, then one more big decline next year in a deflationary spiral, then we will finally be off to the races. Many …

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The Fear Mongering Crowd – Dollar Death On September 30th Edition – SDRs

Summary Those who call for a SDR World Currency or SDRs Backed with Gold. Those who call for a dollar crash. Those who call for hyperinflation. Separating Fact from Fiction and how you can profit without fear. You’ve been reading about a dollar crash for years from many of the fearmonger peddler’s of gold, newsletters, or anything else they sell …

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The Dollar Has Not Crashed Like Gold Bulls Thought It Would

It is easy to convince people of all the problems with the U.S. economy. We do have over $17.7 Trillion of national debt and a Federal Reserve with a suspect balance sheet compared to its pre-2008 financial crisis balance sheet. We also have budget deficits for the next decade to deal with and unfunded liabilities in the 10’s of trillions. …

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Why the Predictions of Hyperinflation and Economic Collapse Were Wrong

Doom and gloomers make good money selling fear. That’s something you won’t find here at Buy Gold and Silver Safely, just to get you to buy gold and silver. I am one of the few people who sell gold and silver and don’t scream “the dollar is crashing” or “hyperinflation” or “a crash is coming!” Would I make a lot …

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Gold and Silver Doom and Gloom or Crack Up Boom?

Over the past year and a half, I have written many articles on investing in gold and silver, and been one of the few who have told clients continually to dollar cost average into a position during this time-frame, hoping the price goes lower so they get an overall better price. I have been one of the few gold dealers who have …

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