The Dollar Is Just 48 Years Old Without A Relationship To Gold

The dollar is just 48 years old without a relationship to gold. Most don’t even know that. Most don’t understand gold and its history. But governments are the reason currencies fail and have failed over time. Every single one of them. Every single time. How is it different this time? Because of the magic of the Fed? The dollar itself …

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Conversation with Axel Merk on Gold and Euro at FreedomFest – Merk Funds

Last week I was at FreedomFest in Las Vegas and met many who are influential in the advising of what investors should do with their money. I met hedge fund manager and author Jim Rogers, Steve Forbes, editor-in-chief of business magazine Forbes, John Stossel and Sentator Rand Paul. I gave each of them the currency I created called the Barackazillion, …

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Gold Is Not Falling

Recent purchasers of Gold are upset lately with the 8.5% drop in the U.S. Dollar price of gold this week. But what most of these buyers don’t understand is that gold stayed the same. It was what gold is priced in that changed.

That’s right. Gold is just a shiny rock as all the Gold naysayers like to say. It didn’t change in the last week. It’s still a shiny rock. But the U.S. Dollar appreciated of late thus causing the U.S. Dollar price of Gold to fall. To understand this further read on…

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