How To Buy Gold and Silver in an IRA

Many investors are not aware that you can invest in gold and silver through your IRA with an IRA transfer from your current bank or brokerage account. Or if you have a 401k from a prior company, a 401k rollover into a precious metals IRA can be done by filling out a few forms.

Many investors know why gold and silver are poised to take off to the “undreamed of heights” that I have spoken of. I have written extensively on this and how the insurance of gold and silver maintain your purchasing power over time. I’ve already spoken about the potential of a dollar crash,  the troubles with banks, and how much you should have invested in precious metals.  Make sure you read those articles to be up to date on why gold and silver make sense now and for the near future as we are fueled and ready for liftoff, especially in silver.

How A Precious Metals IRA Works

The way the process works is you complete some forms online with my favorite IRA company, STRATA by going to my IRA page, 3 Short Steps To Invest In Your Future With A Precious Metals IRA. 

There you will find instructions on the process of transferring an existing IRA into a precious metals IRA and once the funds are in house at STRATA, then you would call us to make the trade in silver and or gold. There are only certain products that are allowed in an IRA and I can walk you through what is best for your situation.

Once the trade is made, STRATA sends the funds to us and we pay for the trade with our supplier and the metals are then stored for you at a storage facility such as Delaware Depository whom I have been using for 14 years now.

When it comes time to selling your metals in your IRA you contact us first and reverse the process. We sell the metals at the current spot price, the metals are sent to my supplier. The funds are sent to us and then back to STRATA for you to do with what you want.

Silver Looks Good To Run

I do like silver over gold in your IRA. It has the best upside between the two metals based on the historic gold to silver ratio which favors silver. Also, the last two decades when we were favoring silver over gold was 1971-1980 and the years 2000-2011. Both these decades silver far outperformed gold. We’ve had a decent pullback in silver and now look poised to make that move higher so your timing is good.

What Percentage Should I Invest in Silver and Gold?

The way to answer that question is as follows:

Conservative Investor: All gold.

Conservative Moderate Investor 75% gold and 25% silver.

Moderate Investor 50/50 gold and silver.

Moderate/Aggressive Investor 75% silver and 25% gold.

Aggressive Investor 100% silver.

401k Rollover Into Gold

If you have a 401k with your present employer, unfortunately the only way to put that money into gold/silver is to leave your employment. This is happening to many of you already with the cutbacks occurring at corporations across America resulting in a 14 month high in layoffs.

One can rollover their 401k into a precious metals IRA and purchase gold and/or silver and reduce the stock market risk they may be up against moving forward. The stock market is pushing to all time highs again but is slated to do much worse in the coming years. That’s why my next book How To Profit In Up and Down Markets is coming out soon. Very proud of this book as I think it will save investors from suffering through any stock market turmoil ahead. What will go higher during this turmoil? Gold and silver will go higher.

The Fed Will Be Forced to Cut Interest Rates

What else will fuel the precious metals market? The Fed has said they will cut interest rates at some point but the truth is they have been fighting inflation. They said that if some data changed then they will move to cut sooner and that data came on Friday with the Nonfarm Payrolls coming in less than expected and the Unemployment rate rising to 3.9%. This is not what the Fed wanted to see. Interest rates moving higher have caused many to give up on owning a home. While prices remain buoyed, for now, insurance costs have risen (if you can get it) and HOA’s are soaring while the down payment has shot up. If one rents, then you have none of the above and depending on where you live might have future rent increased capped. Plus a renter can get up and move if they no longer want to pay higher rent. I personally don’t think owning a home is the American Dream people once thought it was and while you may be sitting on some nice equity today, that equity isn’t captured until you sell your home.

We also have the government doing a power grab of threatening higher capital gains taxes. I don’t think that will occur as politicians don’t win elections on raising taxes. The government will do what they always do; print more money. That means more debt and destruction of the dollar. Meanwhile Japan and China are selling treasuries and thus the Fed has curtailed its reduction of its balance sheet which was revealed in the last Fed meeting.

Election Year Nonsense

We are in an election year and you may have a favorite side in the battle, but realize as I have written for 14 years now, there are no winners. The National Debt goes up each year no matter who is elected. If the Fed fails at a treasury auction because no buyers are there, the stock market takes a hit and gold and silver soar. Your only job as in investor right now is to insure your future and the only way to do that is not by voting for a big spender, although you should vote, but rather securing your nest egg with gold and silver.

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