Lowest Price for 90% “Junk” Silver Bags in U.S. One Week Sale

For one week only, Buy Gold and Silver Safely is offering the extremely popular “junk” silver for the rock-bottom price of 70 cents over spot. No other company is offering prices this low! These silver $1,000 face bags on average are $200 less than our closest priced competitor. The price includes free shipping inside the US for 1 bag or …

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Silver Eagle And Junk Bag Shortages Show Underlying Strength Of Silver Market Demand

The price of silver has been steadily falling since April of 2011. Yet the U.S. Mint is having trouble keeping up with demand for One Ounce American Silver Eagles, as gold dealers tell their customers they will have to wait a week to a week and a half for delivery, and junk bags of the 90% silver coins (the silver …

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