Remember When A Silver Dime Bought You Two Candy Bars? Why You Need To Buy 90% Silver Bags and American Silver Eagles At Just 1% Over Cost Today

I remember as a kid buying candy bars for a nickel. When they raised the price to a dime, I said I would never buy a candy bar again. Of course that promise to myself didn’t last long, but today, a candy bar costs 20 times as much as it did in 1964 when a silver dime could buy you two of them. To put things into perspective, the dollar of today could buy you 20 candy bars in 1964. What can a dime buy you today?

Well, a 1964 Roosevelt dime today can buy you $2.67 or 2 1/2 bars of candy, which sure is a lot more than what the FDR dime of today can buy you. In fact, the FDR dime of today’s metal value today is less than a 1982 penny, the last year they made pennies with 95% copper.

To put things into even further perspective, a $1,000 worth of Roosevelt Dimes or Washington Quarters (aka 90% silver bags) in 1964 is worth today $26,359 at the current spot price of $36.89.

This shows you the effect of inflation has had on “real” money over the years.

The 90% silver bags we sell here at Buy Gold and Silver Safely will maintain their purchasing power over time. The U.S. currency, whether it be the coins they mark with a face value of a dime or a quarter, will not. The paper dollars you hold in your CD’s, and various bank accounts will not hold their purchasing power either. A $1 bill could buy you 20 candy bars in 1964. Today it will buy you one.

This is what our government has done to our money.

But you have choices. Today you can still acquire the 90% silver of old and American Silver Eagles at just a 1% cost. No other gold dealer is offering you these 90% silver bags and American Silver Eagles at such a low cost.

Call 888-604-6534 today and speak to a representative about acquiring real wealth that will keep pace with the coming inflation…the same as it always has.

I will be publishing an article on the current gold and silver outlook related to what’s really going on in Europe this week. It’s not what people think.


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