Outline Of The Book “Buy Gold And Silver Safely”

For those of you who haven’t yet purchased the book, “Buy Gold And Silver Safely,” I thought it would be helpful to see what the actual outline for the book contains.

I started the book out with the major reasons to own gold and silver. They stem from a critique of the financial services industry I was a part of for 20 years in adhering to what they call the “risk free” asset, the U.S. dollar and U.S. treasuries, where I point out that there is indeed risk associated with these assets. Chapter 4 is probably the most important chapter relating to the “why” of owning gold. It contains a critique of the Federal Reserves balance sheet and explains the problems with the nations top banks. It also reveals what the future of our economy is and how things will unfold, leading to an understanding of how gold and silver can counteract what potential problems that investors may or may not be aware of.

Chapter 8 goes into detail of how most gold dealers rip off their clients, exposing their tactics in separating you from your hard earned money. There’s a reason they can afford all those expensive commercials on radio and TV, and it’s not because they have your best interest at heart.

There is a complete section on gold and silver, what I recommend and why. There is a chapter on how to store your gold and silver, how to buy gold and silver with your IRA and how to profit with gold and silver investments.

You can find more information on purchasing the book directly, through Amazon.com for the hard copy, or via your favorite eReader like Kindle or Nook, by clicking on the following link;




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About Doug Eberhardt

Doug Eberhardt is a 28 year financial services veteran and precious metals broker selling gold and silver at 1% over wholesale cost. Doug has written a book to help investors understand how gold and silver fit into a diversified portfolio, how to buy gold and silver, and what metals to buy. The book; “Buy Gold and Silver Safely” is available by clicking here Contact phone number for Buy Gold and Silver Safely is 888-604-6534


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