Doug Eberhardt Interviewed by Dawn J. Bennett of Financial Myth Busting

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Dawn J. Bennett from Financial Myth Busting where she asked some very good questions related to investing in general, gold, and how politics plays into what’s going to occur after the election. I gave my usual candid thoughts and it turned out to be an excellent interview. You can listen to it …

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What the Data Really Tells Us and How It Will Affect Gold and Stocks

The U.S. economy is on the cusp of something big. The questions on everyone’s mind are as follows; 1.¬†Who will be our next President and how will that affect the stock market? 2. Will gold and silver be viewed as a safe haven or fall in price like they did in 2008 if the recession deepens? 3. Will the Fed …

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Gold and the EURO Connection; Another Nail in the U.S. Dollar Coffin?

Another story was developing at this time; the EURO had bounced off its lows and become a much stronger currency. As the dollar was sinking from its high in 2002, and the uncertainty of what affect Central Bank sales would have on the price of gold, the EURO became the only other “safe haven” in the mind of those who were looking to get out of the dollar.

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