U.S. Debt Clock Reveals Time Isn’t On Our Side

The U.S. is the Debt Engine to the World

Take a look at the map of the world below. It shows in the purple color the countries in the deepest debt as a percentage of GDP. Interesting how most of the other countries in the world can manage their finances better than the U.S. can. Could it be because these countries are actually producing something?

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Iceland vs. USA Economic Analysis

Iceland is in the midst of a crisis and raised interest rates today from 12% to 18%. The Iceland currency, the Krona, which has already lost half its value since January, and has been closed to trading, opened trading today and according to CNBC lost half its current value “boom, just like that.” But if you look at the economic …

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If It Smells Like A Recession…

The “only” thing that has kept this economy going is the housing run-up caused by the Fed’s manipulation of interest rates lower causing consumers to find new money via equity from their homes and now the only thing keeping it going is massive infusion of the money supply by the Fed which is propping up the stock market…again.

How long can the game continue is the only question….

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