Digger’s Friday Triple Play

Organizational Chart of the House Democrats Health Plan

You’ve got to see it to believe it!

Understanding Austrian Economics

“Austrian economists offer more promise than any other for further progress in economic science.”

“The “Austrian” economists, more consistently than those of any other school, have criticized nearly all forms of government intervention in the market-especially inflation, price controls, and schemes for redistribution of wealth or incomes because they recognize that these always lead to erosions of incentives, to distortions of production, to shortages, to demoralization, and to similar consequences deplored even by the originators of the schemes.”


“Money is not a “measure of value,” though it is legitimate to call it a measure of price. It is the only commodity in which all others can be evaluated without roundabout procedures. It is the most appropriate form in which people can save and store part of their wealth. The right of coinage has generally been left to governments, even though “they have so often and so greatly misused their power.”

Key Areas of Defense for the U.S. Dollar

With the entire planet with the exception of GB loudly or quietly wanting dollar diversification, the high .6000s is a magnet of great substance pulling NOW strongly on the USDX.

The value of gold is all in the inverse of the value of the US dollar.

Digger’s comment:  It’s just a matter of time before the dollar index falls below .72.  If you haven’t yet read my free white paper as to why you need to be invested in gold, you can download it by clicking on its title: How Gold Investments Can Secure Your Retirement Years

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