Youth Unemployment and their Future in America and Abroad

I’m going to go a little off topic today, but still related to issues that are occurring in this world. I want to address the youth. I believe that it may make sense for you to send this email to your kids and grandkids with the goal of helping them become more aware of where we are, and to fight …

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Why Gold and Silver Will Break to New Lows and Tax Moves to Capitalize Upon

We have seen the perfect storm come down on gold and silver this past week with the Fed taper, Congress agreement on the budget for two years and higher than expected GDP, but there is another reason why gold and silver prices are falling. This stems from the¬†year-end tax moves that the big players in the precious metals market; Hedge …

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Deflation, The Banking Crisis And Why Gold Will Rebound

For years now I have been listening to the inflation/deflation debate and unlike many of the gold dealers, I have been in the deflationary camp as I wrote about in my book Buy Gold and Silver Safely. The following articles can all be found at the Buy Gold and Silver Safely website. They detail my views as to why I …

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