Why Gold and Silver Will Break to New Lows and Tax Moves to Capitalize Upon

We have seen the perfect storm come down on gold and silver this past week with the Fed taper, Congress agreement on the budget for two years and higher than expected GDP, but there is another reason why gold and silver prices are falling. This stems from the year-end tax moves that the big players in the precious metals market; Hedge …

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Trading Paper Gold and Silver Versus Owning Physical Gold and Silver

I want to expand on this a little bit more in this article in explaining trading/owning paper gold and silver versus owning/possessing physical gold and silver. The two philosophies of owning the precious metals are not the same, although some would have you believe this to be the case. You may not be aware of this today, but in the future, this will become an issue.

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How to Sell Gold and Other Precious Metals Tax Free UPDATED 10/1/2010

How Can One Sell Gold Without Paying the 28% Tax on Capital Gains?

I give details on “how” to do it in my book “Buy Gold Safely,” but I’ll let you know the “what” in this article.

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