Video Proof CNBC Hates Gold

The video below is living proof that CNBC journalists don’t understand gold. While some in the video have gone on to other jobs or have passed on, they have been part of a trend at CNBC of continued ignorance along with other financial advisors as to how gold fits into a diversified portfolio. Most of this ignorance comes from their adherence to …

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Bernanke Has Everyone Fooled With "Talk" Of More Fed Quantitative Easing

The interesting thing to me is people still believe Bernanke at his word. But what would be the consequence of even more quantitative easing? It would be disastrous to the economy and the U.S. dollar. So why not accomplish what he wants to occur without doing anything?

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Trading Gold In EURO’s Instead of Dollars Now Making Sense

23 days ago I wrote an article Trade Gold In EUROS Instead of Dollars? Switching May Make Sense Soon where I presented the case that the GDP of the Eurozone didn’t support the appreciation the EURO was receiving over the U.S. Dollar, which also was experiencing lousy GDP numbers. It was the fact that the EURO was approaching its all-time highs against the U.S. Dollar that made no sense.

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