Video Proof CNBC Hates Gold

The video below is living proof that CNBC journalists don’t understand gold. While some in the video have gone on to other jobs or have passed on, they have been part of a trend at CNBC of continued ignorance along with other financial advisors as to how gold fits into a diversified portfolio. Most of this ignorance comes from their adherence to …

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Morningstar Joins The Anti-Gold Crowd

Morningstar, a company that specializes in the analysis of Mutual Funds, has come out with an article that is critical of the long term outlook for gold. Please see:  Why We See Gold Going Lower Long-Term When you see companies that specialize in plugging non-gold alternatives, one has to take their advice for what it is; biased. I commented on …

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Money Magazine and a CFA Criticize Gold With Flawed Analysis

As is typical of those who try and criticize gold as a necessary ingredient of a well diversified portfolio, they use flawed analysis in coming to their conclusion. This article will go into depth as to why their analysis is flawed in my continued effort to bring the truth about gold to the public.

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