Gold One More Leg Higher and the Case for A Last Leg Lower

As predicted in my Current Thoughts, the Fed did not raise interest rates and Yellen once again has egg on her face from last December where the Fed was scheduled to have 3 or 4 more rate increases for 2016. Now there may be zero rate increases if what I foresee occurring in the economy takes place. What this means …

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Euro and Yen Make Up 71.2% Of Dollar Index Which Is Why I Am Dollar Bullish

How many times do you hear someone who sells gold and silver be dollar bullish? Probably not very often. But when you look at what the Dollar Index represents, a basket of other currencies, it’s quite easy to be dollar bullish right now. This doesn’t mean that the dollar is any stronger as far as it’s purchasing power mind you. …

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I’m Calling a Top On Gold and Silver Trades

I Write This Article for Three Reasons

One, is to explain my current thoughts on the gold market, and two, to recommend taking some profit in the paper stocks and ETFs invested in gold and silver mining shares. And lastly, to wait for the pullback and buy physical gold and silver, setting yourself up for the third and final stage-what I call “the investment of a lifetime.”

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Money Magazine and a CFA Criticize Gold With Flawed Analysis

As is typical of those who try and criticize gold as a necessary ingredient of a well diversified portfolio, they use flawed analysis in coming to their conclusion. This article will go into depth as to why their analysis is flawed in my continued effort to bring the truth about gold to the public.

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