Youth Unemployment and their Future in America and Abroad

I’m going to go a little off topic today, but still related to issues that are occurring in this world. I want to address the youth. I believe that it may make sense for you to send this email to your kids and grandkids with the goal of helping them become more aware of where we are, and to fight for their future with an intellect that surpasses most others. I believe it can be done.

I have been saying for some time that problems in the financial markets would begin in Europe and Japan. I’ve showed charts of the Debt to GDP ratios of Japan (the leader) and the majority of countries that lead the world in this category. What makes matters worse for the future of Europe is the unemployment rate of the youth. What is their future?  The following chart from Statista.com shows just how bad things are in Europe.

Youth unemployment in Europe

The U.S. youth unemployment rate is 12.1, better than all but 6 European countries.

US Youth unemployment rate

What are the youth to do today to find work? In the beginning of the Obama administration I sent President Obama my thoughts on helping the youth here in the US. I explained that what was needed was a program to connect the youth to those who could use someone to help with various jobs around the house for the elderly. I secured a domain name iwilldoyourdirtywork.com and tried to show how the Obama administration could start a program that would help the youth find those in need of various skills and who had the money to pay the kids for their work. Naturally, I didn’t hear back from him.

I admit that things won’t be easy for the youth moving forward. Finding a job in today’s society where the manufacturing jobs have been sent overseas and new jobs here are being taken over by robotics, doesn’t leave much on the table outside of service work for many youth. They have to think outside the box as to how to make money today, with an entrepreneurial spirit. They have to always be asking, what niche can I fulfill? What business can I start that is needed today? What business would do well in this spot that has been sitting vacant for years? Then they need to approach the right people with their ideas and tell their story or share their idea and get a mentor/backer to help them succeed. This can be a family member, or someone in the neighborhood, or someone you find online. A kickstarter campaign could be started if it is a really good idea.  If the youth of today aren’t quite in this state of mind, then they should be given books that can help them become wiser in the ways of the world. These can be investment books, “how to” books, or any book that can get their juices going. They have to have the will to succeed and that comes from hopefully good parenting.

I was given a book by my Father and Mother called “Megatrends” in 1984. It was a vision for the future and much of what John Naisbitt wrote back then has come to fruition. I also read a book by Herb Cohen called “You Can Negotiate Anything.” It gave me the confidence to not be afraid to ask for discounts or better deals on anything, wherever I go. Lastly, I spent years learning Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) from a language standpoint, in order to understand if those I listen to are speaking the whole truth and nothing but the truth, whether in person or in media. It has helped me in more ways than I can imagine as it is something they don’t teach you at universities. At a minimum, you can at least decipher whether someone is using certain language patterns on you!

My point in bringing this up to you is that I want the youth of today to have hope. Many of us who write about gold (like those at Zerohedge.com) have a tendency to be very negative on the future. My 3rd book, “We the Serfs!” which I don’t talk much about but have been working on for 9 years, I actually hope puts me out of the gold selling business; if our government would only listen to its message. The problem is, the government never listens to the People so I know my job selling gold is secure and those who buy gold will come out ahead in the long run. But hey, one can still listen to what I have to say and make a difference in this world, whether being a youth or not. That’s my pledge to all.

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