Gold and Silver Current Thoughts 11-01-2015

While gold slowly pulls back and begins to test its yearly lows, I want to remind everyone that overall I am about as big a believer in gold as you will find. I just don’t use all the reasoning that most do for buying gold, like “the dollar is going to crash” or we are going to experience “hyperinflation.” No, we are not Zimbabwe and our currency the dollar is not going to crash anytime soon. Could I convince someone that the dollar was going to crash? I’m pretty confident I could, lol, but I’m one who tries to understand all sides and I write what I write based on my own research.

For those who want to understand what I mean I suggest you review praxeology and its relatoin to economics here:

I am not an expert in understanding human action, but I have almost 30 years now of understanding financial advisors and why they say what they say, and also buyers of investments and their understanding of what they think they know. For the most part, both camps don’t know much. This doesn’t mean that I am “all knowing;” far from it. I do know enough to represent both sides of an argument when it comes to investments, and that’s what I try to do in explaining my thoughts on precious metals.

I see overall weakness in metals right now and have to wonder what would push metals up right now. I’m finishing up my section in my next book “Illusions of Wealth” that has to do with Europe and Japan, which represent just over 70% of the U.S. dollar, and I have to tell you, they are messed up. Whether it be banking or aging, or welfare promises, or migrant, or nuclear, or what have you, they are disasters waiting to happen. The U.S. dollar should take off.

I am pushing hard to get this book finished because of what I see coming. Timing is everything with one’s investments and I simply want everyone to see what I see and make adjustments to their portfolios accordingly. I want investors to keep and grow their wealth and as we move forward it is going to be harder and harder to do so.

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A primer for this book is Chapter 4 of my first book Buy Gold and Silver Safely.


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