DSI 8-23 2022

Yesterday in the words below refers to the 22nd and “today” the 23rd. DSI data all showing some signs of some moves that can be made here soon. Ideally we want single digit for buys, but for those who cost aveage into a position based on DSI in the teens, they typically make out ok with the eventual reversal. The …

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Current Thoughts 2/14/2017

In my last report from Friday¬†What’s Next for Gold and the Markets and Rand Paul’s Epic Speech I wrote the following; Gold is hitting the bottom of it’s current downturn and is ready for a big move up. We have had some bad days for the stock market the last week and gold mining stocks got hit pretty hard too. …

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Current Thoughts 1/9/2017

Gold topped out on Monday and is now beginning its next leg down to below 1220 as the dollar heads higher. USD/JPY should begin to head higher as well. This also means that silver is ready to move lower too. It should break 16 on the way down here. We will then bottom out and have a nice false move …

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