DSI 8-23 2022

Yesterday in the words below refers to the 22nd and “today” the 23rd.

DSI data all showing some signs of some moves that can be made here soon. Ideally we want single digit for buys, but for those who cost aveage into a position based on DSI in the teens, they typically make out ok with the eventual reversal. The best way to play DSI in that case is don’t use leverage and add a little patience.

The first thing that jumps out at me is the dollar hit the 90’s again and topped out at 93 with a current reading of 87. With DXY hitting 1.09, it has put pressure on gold/silver.

Silver hitting 11 yesterday, almost single digits and 13 today and gold 15 and now 18. Personally I have traded in and out of miners the last month. I am staying away from shorting there so took JDST and DUST off my trading platform. I’m only looking at dips to buy and at some point, perhaps soon, we finally break out. Those who have bought physical metals, and the pace of buying has still been non-stop, will all be rewarded, especially buying the dips. As may have said, whether it is the physical metals or gold miners, don’t get caught up in the price entry, trying to buy at the perfect bottom, versus what you’ll say in a few years when your portfolio of miners is way up off these current lows. Also, from what I can see, and this is not trading advice, but if you want to go on leverage in your purchases of mining stocks, look at the top holdings of JNUG or GDXJ and just buy those and get more leverage with your 4x trading account than you would with buying JNUG which is 2X and reduces your margin availability. Not a recommendation to buy, but PAAS is the most oversold on my list, a downhill trend since their last earnings report. But when miners get going, all of that move down should be forgotten about.

Nat gas hit 89 yesterday and almost the 90’s and hit 82 today.

CRB Index has been rising.

Crude light has been rising.

Bitcoin hit 9 on 8/19 and 8/22 and is 13 today. It has struggled and I have avoided for awhile as it is easier for me to trade others.

Volatility at 25 up from 16 but the 24th we don’t have that reading yet and with the Friday Jackson Hole retreat and Fed Chair Powell speaking, we may see a pick up from the pullback in UVXY (24th) Initial jobless claims Thursday too.


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