If Inflation Is So Rampant, Why Have Treasuries and Gold Both Been So Strong?

As many of you who read my articles know, I call things like I see them. If this means going against the norm sometimes, so be it. What I see from your typical gold bulls is the same inflation mantra and the shouts to “buy gold because of all the inflation,” with inflation defined as an increase in the money supply. While I agree with the long term aspect to why there will be more inflation, there is still much unwinding to do of the credit created during the expansion era. This unwinding is actually deflationary as one has to ask themselves, why are treasuries acting so strong?

Gold, silver and treasuries have been strong because of this “flight to safety,” not as much from inflation although, as I said, there is reason to fear inflation. Yes, there are higher prices in some areas (food and energy), but treasuries haven’t grown weaker over the past few years, but stronger. If inflation is so rampant, then why are treasuries so strong? If inflation is not as rampant, then why has the price of gold moved so much higher? To understand where I am coming from on this, it would be beneficial if you first read Dollar vs. Gold In A Dual Inflation-Deflation Economy.

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