Pop Goes The Gold Bubble?

I always get a kick out of these articles that young writers put out when they try and tackle a subject such as gold and claim it’s in a “bubble.” To date, I have not seen one of them address the banking system mess our country is in (as well as the banks of Europe and soon most everywhere else). …

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What Will Gold Do Next? 2011 Predictions

Why will the future price of gold and silver move higher? Because a nation cannot build a sustainable recovery on a foundation of debt.

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U.S. Debt Clock Reveals Time Isn’t On Our Side

The U.S. is the Debt Engine to the World

Take a look at the map of the world below. It shows in the purple color the countries in the deepest debt as a percentage of GDP. Interesting how most of the other countries in the world can manage their finances better than the U.S. can. Could it be because these countries are actually producing something?

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