Illusions Of Wealth Book Now Available #1 In Wealth Management Category

It’s official, my Illusions of Wealth book is finished and out to the public and so far it is doing quite well and the early feedback I have received is refreshing to hear. The link to purchase the book is here: http://bit.ly/Illusionswealth I will be adding the Kindle, iBook, Nook and other eReader option soon. If you want to be …

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Gold Miners Decline Coming And Caution On Buying Silver Coins

Summary We hit the targets from April Article of $1,300 to $1,400 gold. Dollar is moving back up which will put pressure on gold, silver and mining stocks. My secret indicator tells the real story about gold. Gold dealers new tactics to rip-off investors in silver. The one question to ask every gold dealer. In my last article written April …

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Gold One More Leg Higher and the Case for A Last Leg Lower

As predicted in my Current Thoughts, the Fed did not raise interest rates and Yellen once again has egg on her face from last December where the Fed was scheduled to have 3 or 4 more rate increases for 2016. Now there may be zero rate increases if what I foresee occurring in the economy takes place. What this means …

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Currency Implosion Venezuela; Who’s Next and Gold Thoughts

I guess I might have surprised some with my comments in Current Thoughts yesterday on a bounce now in the precious metals. When I say in my comments certain things, all the other pieces have to fall in place. In this case, the dollar has to test its recent lows too and yes, the ECB can trump current thought this week …

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Is Gold Going To Move Higher Or Lower From Here?

  You’ll notice that gold and silver are a bit more volatile of  late. This is what happens when you have buyers and sellers in conflict with each other. It should also precede the next move in the metals. The question remains, will that move be a bit higher or are we topping? Let’s look at each scenario and see …

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Enjoy The Gold Bull While You Can

Summary Dollar is still the driver for gold. Commodities are still in a downward trend and haven’t broken out. Global financial stability risks will bring some currencies down and boost the dollar. I know there will be some who disagree, but the current gold bull run is nothing more than a rebound in commodities overall as a weaker dollar has …

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The Dollar and Gold Inverse Relationship Still Matters – For Now

From my Current Thoughts on 3/24 I put up a chart of the dollar and said: “Today was a consolidation day before the next move, which can still go either way.” We have seen the dollar since fall and gold take off higher with today’s move a significant one. Yes, for now, the dollar still matters. We have to let …

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Can The 2008 30% Drop In Gold Price Happen Again?

Many don’t remember in 2008 the 30% drop in the price of gold SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD) that coincided with the drop in the stock market represented by the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) which lost 34% the same year. They do remember gold bottoming in November 2008 and taking off to its all-time high in 2011 putting square …

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