National Debt Surpasses $20 Trillion and Gold Falls

Something doesn’t quite seem right, does it? The S&P rises to a record high and at the same time the National Debt surpasses $20 Trillion and gold falls from $1,339.30 to $1,325.60. What does CNBC say about the National Debt milestone? Nothing. It’s as if debts and deficits don’t matter to Wall St. Party on! Special shout out to the …

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Is Gold Ready To Break $1,300? How About $1,400?

I had been writing in the last couple weeks that we would be turning the corner higher in metals after the Fed and for this week we did move higher in metals and miners. This should continue but there are still some bumps in the rode unless we get gold over 1260 and silver over 16.80 and preferably 17. We …

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Current Thoughts On Gold, Silver and Market Fall 5/17/2017

I wanted to send tonight’s report out because it gives you insight into what’s going on in the markets, especially on a day that saw the markets fall the most since September of 2016. In last nights Current Thoughts and even on Twitter yesterday, I asked the question; “Are we setting up for that market fall?” Today we got our …

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What’s Going On With Gold and the Markets?

Below is a sample of the ETF Trading Service Nightly Report that came out tonight. It does a good job of letting you know what I think about the markets, including gold and silver. Today’s Trades – Current Trades (Non-Green – Bought/Sold/Hold) – Those highlighted in Yellow we are still long.  We managed to lock in some good profit today …

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Gold Flies Higher As Incompetent Fed Raises Rates

What a day for gold and especially gold mining stocks! We can thank the incompetent Fed for this as the dollar fell hard today and precious metals shot higher. Below you will find my professional analysis of today’s events with an expectation of a bottom being in for now with gold, silver and mining stocks. But we are not out …

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ETF Trading Research 3/9/2017

NOTE: The following is my nightly report for the ETF Trading Service subscribers and is a free sample to show exactly what our performance has been of late. It also will provide some detail on what’s going on with gold and silver. Some of you may think the returns are too good to be true. If so, try a 2 …

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