U.S. Budget Deficit Says Gold Going Much Higher But You Most Likely Need More

Many of you invest in gold for different reasons. Some as insurance for the collapse of the dollar. Some for reasons it is beaten down and taking profit from stocks to put into gold from an asset allocation move for your portfolio.

But what is it that is the eventual collapse of all currencies throughout the history of mankind? It is government abuses of their power to print money to pay for things. While most of Americans battle it out with more and more things that divide us, it is the governments of the world that keep piling on debt and abusing their currencies. When all governments do the same abusing by adding on more debt, it gives the illusion that one currency is better than another yet it takes over time more of all of them to buy gold.

The U.S. government is no different. Conservatives were elected to reign in the spending yet the National Debt and U.S. Budget Deficit keep going higher under Trump, even when Republicans had control of the House and Senate. No health care passing. No border wall. Just a bunch of back and forth fighting while both parties bury the U.S. citizens in more debt.

Below is a snapshot of the debt from the Debt Clock website which I suggest everyone does a little reading as to where we really are. Over $22.4 Trillion in National Debt. But more importantly, teach your children and grandchildren that all is not well with this economy and sober them up as to what lies ahead because you won’t see CNBC, Fox Business, or anyone else doing it. They continue to paint a rosy picture because a few tech stocks are propping up a fictitiously high stock market. Doesn’t mean stocks can’t continue higher mind you, but it does make sense to take from what is high and put into what is low like gold and silver. At least telling your children and grandchildren now about what is going on in this world with debt and money, or at a minimum giving them one of my books, they won’t be ignorant of such, as they are not being taught any of this in school.




This what our government is doing to each of us. Our Budget Deficit alone is over $1 Trillion. This at a time when President Trump is saying the economy is great! You would be doing great for awhile too if you had another $100,000 in your pockets, right? But for U.S. citizens, any loans we take out have to be repaid. At record low interest rates, our government debt will explode higher once interest rates tick up. It’s not a question of “if” either, but when.

The government is putting us deeper and deeper into debt and it is a debt that we can’t dig ourselves out of. Only gold and silver have shown to maintain their purchasing power over time versus U.S. currencies and all currencies in the world. But financial advisors who have done their homework know that only gold and silver are no one else’s liability. And the economic wizards assign a value to the U.S. dollar as a no risk asset?

I have written about this in my books, and on my blog, but most of you still do not put some of your wealth into gold and silver. For the life of me, I can’t see how you trust the Republicans to get us through any future economic issues when they spend like a drunken sailor. And Democrats will be just as bad too. It is up to you however, to do something about it and be proactive with your buying of gold and silver. To not so, wouldn’t be prudent.

Owning enough gold comes into question. Gold should be 10% to 20% of your portfolio, and even more if using some of it as a trade to invest in and take profit in the future as it moves back up. Silver most likely is a better value than gold presently. It is not held down as much by the bullion banks presently. Should be a fun few years or more for those who make the moves into gold and silver now.

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