Gold Dealers Who Sell 1.5 Ounce Silver Coins Are Ripping You Off – Actual Case Study

When it comes to gold dealers, not all are the same. This article will expose a tactic one gold dealer, Lear Capital, has used to charge very high commissions for bullion silver and gold coins they sell, sometimes leaving you having to make 30% or more just to break even. The way to tell the difference in whether or not …

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One Week Sale On American Gold Eagles 4% Over Spot Including 1% Commission

NOTE: The following sale of coins were at a time when the premiums were higher or lower than they are today. At the time of the sale, they were the lowest in the country and we still guarantee lowest in the country today. Call 888-604-6534 for a quote. Beginning August 29th through September 6th we will have the American Eagle …

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