How Gold Would Be Used In Hyperinflation

Gold, during the time of a hyperinflation scenario, unlike paper money, would be “perceived” as having value as it has for centuries. The U.S. dollar however, wouldn’t have any perceived value under this scenario. So a better question to answer would be, what would you use as a medium of exchange sans gold since no one will want U.S. dollars?

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Gold and the EURO Connection; Another Nail in the U.S. Dollar Coffin?

Another story was developing at this time; the EURO had bounced off its lows and become a much stronger currency. As the dollar was sinking from its high in 2002, and the uncertainty of what affect Central Bank sales would have on the price of gold, the EURO became the only other “safe haven” in the mind of those who were looking to get out of the dollar.

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Confused About Gold and the Dollar? Understand Their Relationship Before You Invest

It’s not known for sure where the concept that an ounce of gold could always buy a nice businessman’s suit came from, but the analogy is used today by many who want to paint a positive picture for gold.  The premise of the story is used to reveal the fact that the dollar has lost 95%-98% of its purchasing power …

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