Is Gerald Celente Right About the "Crash of 2010?"

My point in critiquing Celente is on the timing of his “crash” prediction, not on whether or not there will be a crash. He will probably take credit for predicting the crash no matter when it occurs, but the reality of it happening in 2010 is a mystery to me, barring any external influences (like WWIII).

I also take issue with his simplistic concept of bringing production (manufacturing) back home” and his “slave labor” comment which I’ll address first.

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Trade Gold In EUROS Instead of Dollars? Switching May Make Sense Soon

But now that everyone is talking about the dollar weakness again, as well as gold breaking to new highs, Geithner is stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place. If he takes the strong dollar stance, it could kill the stock market rally, especially if the Fed increased interest rates. If he lets the dollar fall too much, there could be a rush for the exit with Japan and China leading the way. There is a reason why Obama chose this time to take his trip to China. The U.S. needs to maintain the U.S. Dollar’s world reserve currency status. It cannot afford to become a second rate nation. Something has to be done.

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The Odds of Recession Is Over Version 2.0 Occurring Are as Likely as People Realizing Michael Moore is a Capitalist

When I hear Mark Haines call a market top or one of the other CNBC cheerleaders admit we’re in a secular bear market, I’ll change my mind about them. I won’t hold my breath…. But ask yourself one question… What are the world’s wealthy doing right now?

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U.S. Debt Clock Reveals Time Isn’t On Our Side

The U.S. is the Debt Engine to the World

Take a look at the map of the world below. It shows in the purple color the countries in the deepest debt as a percentage of GDP. Interesting how most of the other countries in the world can manage their finances better than the U.S. can. Could it be because these countries are actually producing something?

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If It Smells Like A Recession…

The “only” thing that has kept this economy going is the housing run-up caused by the Fed‘s manipulation of interest rates lower causing consumers to find new money via equity from their homes and now the only thing keeping it going is massive infusion of the money supply by the Fed which is propping up the stock market…again.

How long can the game continue is the only question….

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