Calling the Fed Taper Bluff and What Gold Might Do Next

The price of gold could be affected by next weeks Fed meeting as they decide whether or not to taper the Quantitative Easing purchases they have been making in their attempt to buy up the toxic assets of the banks and the treasuries that no one else will buy. Ever since the talk of tapering by Bernanke in June of …

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Is This the Bottom for Gold and Silver?

AUTHOR’s NOTE: I have decided to no longer write for Seeking Alpha because of their lack of professionalism and control of content that goes against what I believe in and have written about in my book, Buy Gold and Silver Safely. They have been forcing authors to include paper stocks, ETF’s or Mutual Funds as alternatives to physical precious metals …

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Economic Data Show Potential Of Stock Market Bubble

The DOW (DIA) and S&P ¬†are breaking new records yet the underlying data doesn’t support such valuation in the markets. What does the underlying data really say about the economy and what effect might this have on stock markets moving forward? The Treasury just came out with their monthly and quarterly economic statistics and data as shown in the following …

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Will The Government Confiscate Your Gold And Bank Deposits?

There has been much chatter over the years on what the government might do to save itself should we here in the United States undergo any type of future financial crisis or repeat of the 2008 financial turmoil we experienced. This topic is especially of interest now with the recent proposal in the country of Cyprus to tax existing bank …

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Will the Price of Gold and Silver Keep Falling?

The price of gold and silver are down again today, with the dollar moving higher and precious metals investors are wondering how this can be with a Federal Reserve implementing Quantitative Easing to infinity and a Congress that allows the debt ceiling to keep moving higher and higher. If you had a choice between reducing your spending to live within …

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4 Reasons There Will Be Future QE And A Higher Price For Gold and Silver

There has been talk of late that the Fed could put end to quantitative easing (QE) early. This article will address the probability of future QE and list four problem areas where the Fed may have to return to their hat and see just how many quantitative easing rabbit’s are left in it that can fool the investing public into …

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What Happened To Gerald Celente’s Crash Of 2010 Prediction?

Celente will eventually get his crash, but I don’t think it will occur until people wake up to the problems our biggest banks are having.

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Do You Buy Real Estate Now or Wait? Part 2/3

Government and Fed intervention wreaks havoc in the real estate market. We have historically low interest rates to consider whether to buy real estate now or wait.

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