Which Has Been Better since 1975, Gold or Savings at Bank?

With banks paying very little interest these days, investors have been seeking out ways to earn more than the paltry less than 1/2 percent that banks are paying on savings. The Federal Reserve has kept interest rates artificially low, hurting those seniors and other savers who don’t trust the stock or bond market with their nest egg. But some of …

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Does Real Estate Or Gold Have A Bright Future?

  Every once in awhile, I keep tabs on what’s going on with real estate. I have friends and clients who will ask me my thoughts and I try to analyze what’s going on in real estate with a non-biased approach, say as opposed to your typical real estate agent. I approach gold and silver the same way, sometimes giving …

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DOW 10,000 In 2009 Is NOT the Same as DOW 10,000 In 1999 – It Buys You 23.8% Less Today

“DOW 10,000 (version) 2.0,” but is it really a better version, or even the same version as DOW 10,000 of 1999?

What most don’t realize is that the DOW 10,000 of 3/12/99 was worth more in terms of purchasing power than DOW 10,000 10/14/09 by a whopping 23.8%. Why? Because the dollar index has fallen 23.8% since March of 1999.

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