Why The Price Of Gold Could Move Lower Short Term

It goes against all conventional wisdom for a gold dealer to caution investors on the price of gold and silver moving lower. There are literally trillions of reasons why the price of gold and silver will move higher in the years to come, including a multitude of unsustainable future government obligations. But from a short term perspective I have seen …

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Why Does Harvard Economics Professor Call Gold a High Risk, Highly Volatile Investment?

In my continued exposure of those who write articles that misrepresent gold I’ve run across an article written recently by former Ronald Reagan chief economic adviser and current Harvard Economics Professor, Martin Feldstein called “Is Gold a Good Hedge?”

I will dissect Feldstein’s article that is full of what I believe to be deliberate misinformation to confuse readers as to what gold truly represents in today’s economic and investment climate.

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Gold Is Not Falling

Recent purchasers of Gold are upset lately with the 8.5% drop in the U.S. Dollar price of gold this week. But what most of these buyers don’t understand is that gold stayed the same. It was what gold is priced in that changed.

That’s right. Gold is just a shiny rock as all the Gold naysayers like to say. It didn’t change in the last week. It’s still a shiny rock. But the U.S. Dollar appreciated of late thus causing the U.S. Dollar price of Gold to fall. To understand this further read on…

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Trading Gold In EURO’s Instead of Dollars Now Making Sense

23 days ago I wrote an article Trade Gold In EUROS Instead of Dollars? Switching May Make Sense Soon where I presented the case that the GDP of the Eurozone didn’t support the appreciation the EURO was receiving over the U.S. Dollar, which also was experiencing lousy GDP numbers. It was the fact that the EURO was approaching its all-time highs against the U.S. Dollar that made no sense.

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Trade Gold In EUROS Instead of Dollars? Switching May Make Sense Soon

But now that everyone is talking about the dollar weakness again, as well as gold breaking to new highs, Geithner is stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place. If he takes the strong dollar stance, it could kill the stock market rally, especially if the Fed increased interest rates. If he lets the dollar fall too much, there could be a rush for the exit with Japan and China leading the way. There is a reason why Obama chose this time to take his trip to China. The U.S. needs to maintain the U.S. Dollar’s world reserve currency status. It cannot afford to become a second rate nation. Something has to be done.

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