Gold and Silver Outlook 10-20-14

10-20-14 GLD Chart

Gold, silver and the miners all went up slightly today ending a mini losing streak. The scores for all 3 improved a little. The dollar stayed above 85 on the index while the 10 year maintained at 2.20%. Is this the beginning of a bullish breakout for the short term? It seems like the risk vs. reward might be there for it after a few days of uncertainty. The DOW eked out a positive number number for the day and TNA ended up 3.45% and closed 2 points higher. UGAZ, another ETF I have been … [Read more...]

Gold and Silver Outlook 10-19-14

10-17-14 GLD Chart

Somethings got to give soon between the scores of GLD which has improved to +70 and silver and the miners which are sitting at -100. GDX is only 70 cents off its low hit earlier this month. Watch to see if JNUG breaks to a lower low as this may be the sign the miners have had it. A break below 9 will be the first signal that ¬†lower lows are coming for GDX as well. The dollar moved up over 85 again putting more pressure on gold short term. The stock market moved higher as well like I … [Read more...]

Gold and Silver Outlook 10-16-14

10-16-14 GDX Chart

  Gold and silver couldn't really make up their mind today just as I couldn't yesterday in trying to figure out their next direction when I said my crystal ball was foggy.¬†The scores remained the same with silver falling back to -100. 10 Year Treasury Yields and the Fed I've been mentioning from time to time the fact I thought higher interest rates were not on the table and sure enough we have seen the 10 year fall below 2% this week before bouncing a bit higher today. Fed board member … [Read more...]

Gold and Silver Outlook 10-15-14

10-15-2014 GLD CHART

Gold continued its climb today and all my recommendations from yesterday, GDX, NUGT, JNUG and TNA ended higher. TNA opened lower and could have been bought at $54 to $55 and sold after going green. It then fell back to $54 again and closed over $58, up $1.80 even with a stock market that closed down 173 on the day. The miners were a little less volatile. The miners score improved to -85, but still in downtrend mode. Gold was the bright star again with a score of -60 and silver improved to … [Read more...]

Gold and Silver Outlook 10-14-14

10-14-2014 GLD CHART

Gold maintained some strength today before falling back a bit. Silver still holding its own, but a little weaker than gold. The miners were up most of the day and gave some back by close. GDX and NUGT were both up with JNUG ending with a small loss. Not much after hours action to speak of. Something should pop soon in my opinion. Gold has to keep moving higher and the miners need to follow suit. They tried today. TNA did bounce as I thought it might. I think there was plenty of time to make a … [Read more...]

Gold and Silver Outlook 10-13-14

10-13-2014 GDX

Opposite of the question I asked yesterday is the question today, does gold lead the miners? It seems that today we saw that kind of action with the gold score breaking into the positive for the first time in awhile. This may be worth a short term play on the miners like GDX, NUGT, or JNUG depending on your risk tolerance. But I might wait one moreday with late selling everywhere. I do this as only a short term play as I do expect lower lows ahead. So please keep stops and don't lose profit if … [Read more...]

Gold and Silver Outlook 10-12-14

10-10-14 GDX Chart

Are Miners Leading Gold? Are the miners leading gold or is gold leading the miners. If it is the former, gold is poised to fall further. Many miners have been hit hard lately and some falling below their 2008 lows. Take IAMGOLD Corp (IAG) for example. Larry Edelson told his clients the gold market had bottomed and was beginning to give out stock picks like IAG. The stock went up at first and then the bottom fell out. Edelson has since turned to a bear on gold, but that didn't help his clients … [Read more...]

Gold and Silver Outlook 10-10-2014

Friday's Gold and Silver Outlook for Current Thoughts on gold and silver will be moved to Sunday afternoon/evening. Most investors want to know what is going to occur the next day and a recap of what occurred on Friday doesn't help an investor since the markets are closed for the weekend. Including with the recap of Friday what is going on in Asia on Sunday when the gold/silver markets open for trading at 3PM PST can help those in the U.S. prepare for Monday's market open. I will include my … [Read more...]

Gold and Silver Outlook 10-09-2014

10-09-14 GDX Chart

Gold and silver both continued to move higher today, however just like two days ago, gold miners took it on the chin with another triple digit losing day for the DOW. The DOW lost 334 points marking its worst day of the year. The question one might answer, at least for today, was physical gold a safe haven today? I'd say it was. I am technically bullish on stocks though after this carnage subsides. We are still in a bull market for stocks. Think a nice bounce might be coming but tomorrow … [Read more...]

Gold and Silver Outlook 10-08-2014

10-08-14 GLD Chart

I wrote an intraday report today with gold at $1,215. Gold finished up $6 higher from that intraday report where I said "This could be the catalyst for a move higher for the metals, but by no means the end of the current downtrend." Below you can see where gold closed and its jump up after the Fed minutes came out. Here is what some of the participants at the Fed had to say that caused such a stir; "Some participants expressed concern that the persistent shortfall of economic growth and … [Read more...]