Can the Federal Reserve Prevent Deflation?

When most people talk about interest rates today, they realize the lowest rates can go is to zero. Consequently, they believe at present the bottom is almost in for interest rates and the only thing the future holds is higher inflation and interest rates. But since the economy has not yet recovered, what can the Fed do to stimulate the …

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Do You Buy Real Estate Now or Wait? Part 2/3

Government and Fed intervention wreaks havoc in the real estate market. We have historically low interest rates to consider whether to buy real estate now or wait.

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Why Is the U.S. Dollar Price of Gold Falling?

Let’s face it. With yield on treasuries and CD’s so low, those who have lived off of the interest from their various investments have seen their income fall considerably. To prevent having to dip into principal and deplete one’s savings, investors are now choosing to put their money in financial instruments that offer a better return.

But is gold still a good investment?

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