Peter Schiff’s One Week Sale Versus Our Everyday Low Price On Gold

While writing my next article on the Euro and European bank mess, I received a solicitation email from a friendly competitor of mine, Peter Schiff (see ad below). In this email Peter was offering 1/2 ounce gold American Eagle coins at just a 5.75% premium over spot. I wanted to see where his pricing was compared to ours and it …

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4 Ways Gold Dealers Rip You Off – Bait and switch tactics gold dealers use

4 Ways Gold Dealers Rip You Off Bait and switch tactics gold dealers use San Diego, Nov. 4, 2011/Buy Gold and Silver Safely/- Countless investors are paying 30% or more in commissions when gold dealers bait and switch them from buying bullion gold to buying rare or semi-numismatic coins. In today’s tough economic times, you really have to be careful …

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Fox Business Quoted Me in Article – The Lowdown on Buying and Selling Silver

Fox Business writer Michael Estrin wrote an article yesterday for the Personal Finance section, The Lowdown on Buying and Selling Silver, in which he quoted me saying how silver, like gold, is known as money and can be used as a hedge against economic uncertainty. Below is the section I was quoted (at the end of the article). An Invaluable Hedge While many …

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Are Gold Dealers Still Lying To Their Customers To Make A Higher Commission? – Don’t Ask Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity

It has been a year now since Congress was investigating certain gold dealers as to the tactics they use in convincing gold and silver investors to purchase certain types of coins that allow the gold dealer to charge 30% or more on the transaction. This would mean the investor would have to earn 40% on their purchase just to break …

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New Website Coming Soon – Prices Still 1% Above Wholesale

The Buy Gold and Silver Safely website has been going through a major overhaul. The new website will be more user friendly and contain more useful information in helping gold and silver investors. I will tell you this from an investment perspective. NO ONE is selling their gold or silver. The sales of gold and silver are noticeably larger these …

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Outline Of The Book “Buy Gold And Silver Safely”

For those of you who haven’t yet purchased the book, “Buy Gold And Silver Safely,” I thought it would be helpful to see what the actual outline for the book contains. I started the book out with the major reasons to own gold and silver. They stem from a critique of the financial services industry I was a part of …

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